Discourses of Suffering

CHARLES I, King of England, William Fulman, Richard Perrinchief, John Gauden.



ESTC R6734

Basilika is attributed to King Charles, but was partly authored by John Gauden (1605-1662), Bishop of Worcester:

“As there is substantial historical and stylistic evidence to support both the authorship of Charles I and John Gauden, we are best served to read the King’s Book as a heteroglossic, collaborative royalist effort.”

(Daems and Nelson, 2006, p. 20).

Also contains material composed by other hands.

The works of King Charles

Volume 1, part 1: The Life of Charles I.

Volume 1, part 2: Papers, prayers, Messages for Peace, Declarations, Letters, Speeches and the History of Charles’s Trial and Death.

Volume 2, part 1: The First Four Parliaments, the Fifth Parliament, the Treaty of Peace at Oxford.

Volume 2, part 2: Cessation in Ireland, the Treaty of Peace at Uxbridge.

Messages, Treaties and Propositions for Peace, Appendix.

Private collection.