Discourses of Suffering

LAUD, William, Edmund Wharton, Henry Wharton.




The title page says this history of Laud’s trial was “Wrote by Himself during his Imprisonment in the Tower. To which is prefixed, The Diary of His Own Life … and subjoined … the Archbishop’s Last Will; his Large Answer to the Lord Say’s Speech concerning Liturgies; his Annual Accounts of his Province delivered to the King; and some other things relating to the History.”

This volume also contains “Rome’s Master-Piece: or, the Grand Conspiracy of the Pope and his Jesuited Instruments … Casually found by Mr. Prynn … Together with the Archbishop’s Notes”, edited by Henry Wharton.

Part 1: Preface, Diary; History, Chapters 1-3.

Part 2: History, Chapters 4-29.

Part 3: History, Chapters 4-30, with two supplements.

Part 4: Laud’s will, passages from his Conference with Fisher the Jesuit, his Answer to Lord Say’s Speech, his Annual Accountsand Rome’s Masterpiece.

Private collection.