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Secondary sources

Open-access resources, ranging from online publications and web pages to videos and courses. Some files are large and may take a bit of time to load.

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BARAZ, Daniel.Medieval Cruelty: Changing Perceptions, Late Antiquity to the Early Modern Period.2019Book: Partial"Daniel Baraz makes the striking discovery that the concept of cruelty, which had been an important issue in late antiquity, received little attention in the medieval period before the thirteenth century. From that point on, interest in cruelty increased until it reached a peak late in the sixteenth century."Google Books preview
BENGER, Elizabeth Ogilvy.Memoirs of the Life of Mary Queen of Scots, volume 1.1823Book: CompleteAn influential and original account of the life of Mary, Queen of Scots. This first volume covers her formative years in France.Flipbook, text-searchable PDF
BENGER, Elizabeth Ogilvy.Memoirs of the Life of Mary Queen of Scots, volume 2.1823Book: CompleteThe second volume of the life of Mary Queen of Scots, covering her tumultuous reign in Scotland, her imprisonment and her ultimate execution.FLIPbook, text-searchable PDF
BERENSMEYER, Ingo.Literary Culture in Early Modern England, 1630-17002020Book: CompleteBerensmeyer explores connections between material, epistemic, and political conditions of literary writing and reading, noting the shift towards neoclassicism.De Gruyter
BLANNING, Tim.Protestant Reformation and early modern English Culture.2013VideoThis lecture by Tim Blanning provides insights into the major cultural impacts of the English Reformation, including effects on portraiture, architecture, universities, music, and the rise of English nationalism.YouTube
Paul Goring and Christine Watson (editors)
Travelling Chronicles
News and Newspapers from the Early Modern
Period to the Eighteenth Century.
2018Book: CompleteA collection of papers by leading scholars in the field of news studies, presenting fourteen episodes in the history of news and newspapers.Flipbook, text-searchable PDF

Brill Open Access
BROCK, Mikki, and Chris Langley.Mapping the Scottish Reformation.2022VideoAn introduction to the National Records of Scotland database, Mapping the Scottish Reformation.YouTube
BRUNTON, Deborah.Early Modern Europe: an introduction.Online courseA basic introduction to the early modern period.The Open University
BURRUS, Virginia.Sex Lives of Saints: An erotics of ancient hagiography.2010Book: Partial"Focusing on hagiographical literature, Virginia Burrus [argues] that the early accounts of the lives of saints are not antierotic but rather convey a sublimely transgressive 'countereroticism' that resists the marital, procreative ethic of sexuality found in other strands of Christian tradition."Google Books preview
BUTTERWORTH, Charles C. English Primers (1529-1545).1953Book: CompleteButterworth gives a detailed account of these English-language textbooks, which contained the basic prayers and religious teachings of Christianity, and which played a significant role in promoting both literacy and Protestantism among the common people.Flipbook, text-searchable PDF.

Digitised by the Internet Archive.
CAULFIELD, James.The History of the Gun-Powder Plot, with Several Historical Circumstances Prior to that Event.1804Book: CompleteA Protestant account. Caulfield provides a comprehensive narrative of the events and circumstances surrounding the Gunpowder Plot from a historical perspective. The book connects the Gunpowder Plot to broader alleged plots by Roman Catholics to re-establish Catholicism as the dominant religion in England, and presents the Gunpowder Plot as part of the wider religious conflicts and tensions between Protestants and Catholics in early 17th century England.Flipbook, text-searchable PDF

Digitised by Google Books
CLARKE, Elizabeth, et al.Perdita Project.1997-External link"An open-access, online, descriptive catalogue of manuscripts written or compiled by British women between 1500 and 1700, housed at
Warwick University."

Contains “everything but the text”.
CLELAND, Katharine.Irregular Unions. Clandestine Marriage in Early Modern English Literature.2021Book: CompleteA "literary history of clandestine marriage in early modern England, revealing its controversial nature in the wake of the Elizabethan Religious Settlement, which standardized the marriage ritual for the first time". Through an examination of such works as The Faerie Queene, Othello, and The Merchant of Venice, Cleland "argues that early modern authors used clandestine marriage to explore the intersection between the self and the marriage ritual in post-Reformation England".Flipbook, text-searchable PDF

Cornell Open
CONTI, Brooke.Confessions of Faith in Early Modern England.2014Book: PartialExamines such works as Milton's political tracts, Donne's polemical and devotional prose, Browne's Religio Medici, and Bunyan's Grace Abounding in the context of the contemporary political climate, and showing how autobiography was used to negotiate political, personal, and psychological demands. Google Books preview
COOLAHAN,Marie-Louise, et al.Reception and Circulation of Early Modern Women’s Writing, 1550-1700 (RECIRC).2014-2020External link"A research project about the impact made by women writers and their works in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.Website
DAS, Nandini (editor).Keywords of Identity, Race, and Human Mobility in Early Modern England2021Book: CompleteFollowing the model of Raymond Williams’s Keywords: A Vocabulary of Culture and Society (1976), these essays "analyses a selection of terms that were central to the conceptualisation of identity, race, migration, and transculturality in the early modern period". Flipbook, text-searchable PDF

European Research Council
DAS, Nandini (editor).Lives in Transit in Early Modern England.2022Book: CompleteTwenty-four case studies illustrating how questions of mobility and transculturality were negotiated in practice in the early modern world.Flipbook, text-searchable PDF

European Research Council
D'AUBIGNÉ, Jean-Henri Merle.History of the Reformation, volumes 1-4.1847Book: CompleteD'Aubigné's work gave 19th-century Protestants a comprehensive account of their religious heritage from the Reformation, written from an evangelical perspective that emphasized its biblical foundations and opposition to Catholic doctrine and practices.Flipbook, text-searchable PDF

Digitised by the
Internet Archive
D'AUBIGNÉ, Jean-Henri Merle.History of the Reformation, volume 5: The Reformation in England, volume 5.[1853]Book: CompleteThe fifth volume, giving an account of the English Reformation of the 16th century. Flipbook, text-searchable PDF

Digitised by the
Internet Archive
DAVIES, Simon F., and Puck Fletcher (editors).News in Early Modern Europe: Currents and Connections.2014Book: CompleteAn interdisciplinary study of the production and dissemination of news in early modern Europe.Flipbook, text-searchable PDF

Brill / Knowledge Unlatched
DEGENHARDT, Jane Hwang, Elizabeth Williamson (editors).Religion and Drama in Early Modern England: The performance of religion on the Renaissance stage.2011Book: Partial"Focusing on the plays of Shakespeare as well as a range of other playwrights, individual essays explore the material conditions of performance, the intricate resonances between dramatic performance and religious ceremonies, and the multiple valences of religious references in early modern plays."Google Books preview
DICKENS, A.G.English Reformation.1966 (1964)Book: CompleteThe second edition. Dickens traces the Reformation to its late medieval roots, through to the Elizabethan Settlement and the rise of puritanism.Flipbook, text-searchable PDF

Digitised by the Internet Archive.
DUFFY, Eamon.Stripping of the Altars: Traditional religion in England, c.1400-c.1580.2005Book: PartialDuffy argues that the Catholic Church in England was rich and vibrant and the the Reformation was a violent - and, for many, unwelcome - disruption of hallowed traditions.Google Books preview
FAINI, Marco, and Marco Sgarbi (editors).Errors, False Opinions and Defective Knowledge in Early Modern Europe2023Book: CompleteThis book explores the efforts at establishing religious, political, and scientific orthodoxy made by philosophers, doctors, philologists, scientists and theologians during the early modern period.

Ranging geographically from Italy to France, England, and Germany, the articles gathered here provide stimulating glimpses into one of the most controversial aspects of early modern culture.
Flipbook, text-searchable PDF

Firenze University Press
FREEBURY-JONES, Darren, and Isabella Magni (editors).Early Modern Digital Review2018-Open-access online journalRefereed journal publishing reviews of digital projects related to early modern society and culture, evaluating established digital resources and recent tools and projects. Text-searchable PDFs
GASKILL, Malcolm.Witchfinders: A Seventeenth-Century English Tragedy.2007Book: PartialA detailed account of the activities of Matthew Hopkins and John Stearne.Google Books preview
GERARD, John.What was the Gunpowder Plot? The traditional story tested by original evidence.1897Book: CompleteA Catholic perspective. Gerard argues that, rather than it being a genuine conspiracy by religious extremists. the plot was manipulated - or even instigated - by Robert Cecil, King James I's chief minister, as a means to justify the persecution of Catholics and consolidate his own power. Flipbook, text-searchable PDF

Digitised by Google Books
GILLOW, JosephLiterary and Biographical History, or Bibliographical Dictionary, of the English Catholics: from the breach with Rome, in 1534, to the present time. Volume 1 (Abbot to Curr).1885Book: CompleteGillow's Bibliographical Dictionary of the English Catholics is a monumental five-volume work that provides biographical details on English Catholics from the Reformation period, making it an invaluable resource for researching Catholic family histories and the history of Catholicism in England during the penal times.Flipbook, text-searchable PDF

From the Wellcome Collection, digitised by the Internet Archive
GILLOW, JosephLiterary and Biographical History, or Bibliographical Dictionary, of the English Catholics: from the breach with Rome, in 1534, to the present time. Volume 2 (Dacre to Gradwell).1885-1902Book: CompleteGillow's Bibliographical Dictionary of the English Catholics is a monumental five-volume work that provides biographical details on English Catholics from the Reformation period, making it an invaluable resource for researching Catholic family histories and the history of Catholicism in England during the penal times.From the Wellcome Collection, digitised by the Internet Archive
GILLOW, JosephLiterary and Biographical History, or Bibliographical Dictionary, of the English Catholics: from the breach with Rome, in 1534, to the present time. Volume 3 (Graham to Kemble).1885-1902Book: CompleteGillow's Bibliographical Dictionary of the English Catholics is a monumental five-volume work that provides biographical details on English Catholics from the Reformation period, making it an invaluable resource for researching Catholic family histories and the history of Catholicism in England during the penal times.Flipbook, text-searchable PDF

From the Wellcome Collection, digitised by the Internet Archive
GILLOW, JosephLiterary and Biographical History, or Bibliographical Dictionary, of the English Catholics: from the breach with Rome, in 1534, to the present time. Volume 4 (Kemeys to Metham).1885-1902Book: CompleteGillow's Bibliographical Dictionary of the English Catholics is a monumental five-volume work that provides biographical details on English Catholics from the Reformation period, making it an invaluable resource for researching Catholic family histories and the history of Catholicism in England during the penal times.Flipbook, text-searchable PDF

From the Wellcome Collection, digitised by the Internet Archive
GILLOW, JosephLiterary and Biographical History, or Bibliographical Dictionary, of the English Catholics: from the breach with Rome, in 1534, to the present time. Volume 5 (Meynell to Zoone).1885-1902Book: CompleteGillow's Bibliographical Dictionary of the English Catholics is a monumental five-volume work that provides biographical details on English Catholics from the Reformation period, making it an invaluable resource for researching Catholic family histories and the history of Catholicism in England during the penal times.Flipbook, text-searchable PDF

From the Wellcome Collection, digitised by the Internet Archive
GOODRICH, JaimeFaithful translators.2013Book: CompleteWomen's translations of devotional and religious works in early modern England.Flipbook, text-searchable PDF

Swiss National Science Foundation

Knowledge Unlatched
HAIGH, Christopher.English Reformations: Religion, politics, and society under the Tudors.2012 (1993)Book: PartialHaigh emphasises the insecurity of the sixteenth century, with its upheavals and reversals of religious policy, challenging the view that the success of Protestantism was inevitable.Google Books preivew
HOWARD, SharonGender and Defamation in York, 1660-1700.2015External Link"A small but useful resource for research into early modern defamation, slander, gossip and defamation.Website
HOWARD, SharonLondon Lives Petition Project.2015External LinkHoward explores some 10,000 petitions and petitioning letters addressed to magistrates in the records of London and Middlesex Sessions of the Peace between 1690 and 1800.Website
IRISH, Bradley.Emotion in the Tudor Court.2018Book: CompleteIrish "argues that the dynamics of disgust, envy, rejection, and dread, as they are currently theorized in the modern affective sciences, can be seen to guide textual production in the early modern court".Flipbook, text-searchable PDF

Northwestern University Press / Knowledge Unlatched
JARDINE, Lisa, et al. Edited by Anthony Grafton, Nicholas Popper and William Sherman.Gabriel Harvey and the History of Reading.2024Book: CompleteGabriel Harvey's copious marginal notes to the works of other writers offer a unique insight into Flipbook, text-searchable PDF

UCL Press
LOEWENSTEIN, David, and Alison Shell (editors).Early Modern Literature and England’s Long Reformation.2020Book: PartialA collection of essays arguing that the Reformation extended well beyond the sixteenth centuryGoogle Books preview
LUIS-MARTÍNEZ, Zenón (editor)Poetic Theory and Practice
in Early Modern Verse
2023Book: CompleteThe essays in this book explore the intersections between poetry, poetics and other discourses, such as logic, rhetoric, natural philosophy, medicine, mythography and religion. Along with familiar figures like Reading canonical poets and critics – Sidney, Spenser, Marlowe, Shakespeare, Puttenham and Dryden, the authors discuss a number of less well-known poets of the period, opening up for discussion the relationship between literary practice and the Renaissance theories from which they stemmed.Flipbook, text-searchable PDF

Edinburgh University Press
LUNDQUIST, Shannon M.Finding the Witch’s Mark: Female Participation in the Judicial System During the Hopkins Trials 1645-472014"Department Honors Project"Women's role in the witch hunts of early modern Europe. Contributing factors, common accusations, methods of identifying witches, etc.DigitalCommons@Hamline
MALTBY, Judith.Prayer Book and People in Elizabethan and Early Stuart England.2000Book: PartialMaltby focuses on "prayer book Protestants", that is, those who, out of personal conviction, conformed to the Church of England up to the outbreak of the Civil War. Google Books preview
MANSELL, CharmianFemale Servants in Early Modern England.2024Book: CompleteMansell draws on over 1000 testimonies drawn from English church court records of the experiences of women in domestic service between 1532 and 1649.Flipbook, text-searchable PDF

British Academy Monographs
MILWARD, Peter.Elizabethan Controversialists.2022Book: CompleteThis work is, in effect, Peter Milward's guided tour of his survey, Religious controversies of the Elizabethan age. Published posthumously.Flipbook, text-searchable PDF

Renaissance Monographs
MONTA, Susannah Brietz.Martyrdom and Literature in Early Modern England.2005Book: PartialA study of the representation of Protestant and Catholic martyrs during the Reformation, illustrating the competing discourses of martyrdom, exploring a wide range of sources, many of which were popular in their day, but have since fallen into neglect and obscurity. Google Books preview
MYERS, Anne M.Literature and Architecture in Early Modern England.2013Book: CompleteExamines the relationship between sixteenth- and seventeenth-century architectural and literary works.Flipbook, text-searchable PDF

John Hopkins University Press / Project Muse
NEWTON, Hannah,'‘Rapt Up with Joy": Children’s Emotional Responses to Death in Early Modern England.2017Book chapter"Newton argues that dying children expressed diverse and conflicting passions, from fear to ecstasy. The underlying question is to what extent children’s experiences differed from those of adults. While the range of emotions was similar, the preoccupations of children differed; these included a concern about surviving siblings, and a more vivid imagination of heaven. Through highlighting such distinctions, we come closer to what it was like to be an early modern child."Flipbook, text-searchable PDF

Springer Link.
OCKERBLOOM, Mary Bloom.A Celebration of Women Writers.11994-ListWomen writers living in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.Web pages
PALLOTTI, Donatella, and Paola PugliattiJournal of Early Modern Studies (JEMS).Since 2012Open-access online journalThis journal "promotes interdisciplinary research and discussion on ... early modern European culture" and "provides a platform for international scholarly debate ... over a wide disciplinary spectrum: literature, language, art, history, politics, sociology, religion and cultural studies". It is "open to a range of research perspectives and methodological orientations and encourages studies that develop understanding of the major problematic areas relating to the European Renaissance".Flipbook, text-searchable PDF

Firenze University Press
POLLOCK, JohnThe Popish Plot: A Study in the History of the Reign of Charles II.1903Book: CompletePollock provides a detailed analysis of the plot's key players, from Oates himself to the perjured witnesses who corroborated his lies, and the judges and politicians who exploited the panic for their own ends.

The book examines how the plot's fabricators manipulated public opinion through rumor and propaganda, leading to the execution of many innocent Catholics on the flimsiest of evidence.
Flipbook, text-searchable PDF

Digitised by the Internet Archive.
PORTER, Chloe.Making and Unmaking in Early Modern English Drama - Spectators, Aesthetics and Incompletion.2014Book: CompleteThis book focuses on "the prevalence and significance of visual things that are ‘under construction’ in early modern plays" and "explores the drama as a part of a lively post-Reformation visual world."Flipbook, text-searchable PDF

Manchester University Press

Knowledge Unlatched
QUESTIER, Michael.Catholics and Treason: Martyrology, Memory, and Politics in the Post-Reformation.2022Book: PartialQuestier illustrates the ways in which early modern English Catholics described and defined themselves, drawing on contemporary narratives relating to the application to Catholics of the law of treason. Google Books preview
QUESTIER, Michael.Conversion, Politics and Religion in England, 1580-1625.1996Book: PartialThis study concentrates on the experience of individual converts in the context of the political implications of conversion. Questier explores the ways in which people were exhorted to change religion, how they experienced conversion, and how they faced demands for Protestant conformity.Google Books preview
RAGNOW, Marguerite and William D. Phillips Jr (editors).Religious Conflict and Accommodation in the Early Modern World.2011Book: CompleteThese essays, arising from a conference inspired by the 2001 al-Quaeda attacks on the United States, demonstrate the relevance of early modern religious conflict to today's world.Flipbook, text-searchable PDF

University of Minnesota Libraries Publishing
ROYAL, Susan Ann.John Foxe's Acts and Monuments and the Lollard
Legacy in the Long English Reformation.
2013PhD ThesisA study of the extent to which the Lollards of the late Middle Ages influenced the Protestant Reformation in England.Flipbook, text-searchable PDF

Durham University e-Theses
RYAN, Salvador (editor).Domestic Devotions in Medieval and Early Modern Europe.2020Book: CompleteA collection of papers investigating "the degree to which the experience of personal or familial religious practice in the domestic realm intersected with the more public expression of faith in liturgical or communal settings".

The geographical range covers most of Europe, and there are chapters on Judaism and Islam, along with those on Christianity.
Flipbook, text-searchable PDF

Mutidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute
RYRIE, Eric.Being Protestant in Reformation Britain.2013Book: Partial"Alec Ryrie provides the first comprehensive account of what it actually meant to live a Protestant life in England and Scotland between c. 1530-1640, drawing on a rich mixture of contemporary devotional works, sermons, diaries, biographies, and autobiographies to uncover the lived experience of early modern Protestantism."Google Books preview
RYRIE, Eric.Liturgical Commemoration of the English Reformation, 1534-1635.2020Essay"This essay considers one of the most resounding silences of the English post-Reformation: how
the Reformation was or, mostly, was not commemorated in the Church of England’s
liturgical life."

This essay went on to become a chapter in Memory and the English Reformation (2020), edited by Alexandra Walsham et al.
Flipbook, text-searchable PDF

Durham Research Online
SCHINDLER, Kilian.Religious Dissimulation and Toleration in Early Modern England.2023Book: CompleteKilian Schindler examines how playwrights such as William Shakespeare, Ben Jonson, and Christopher Marlowe represented religious dissimulation on stage and argues that debates about the legitimacy of dissembling one's faith were closely bound up with early modern conceptions of theatricality. Flipbook, text-searchable PDF

Cambridge Core Open Access
SKUSE, AlannaSurgery and Selfhood in Early Modern England.2021Book: CompleteSkuse explores early modern attitudes towards the altered body, from mastectomy to castration and amputation to facial reconstruction.Flipbook, text-searchable PDF

Cambridge University Press and the Wellcome Trust
TARANTINO, Giovanni, and Charles Zika (editors).Feeling Exclusion:
Religious Conflict, Exile and Emotions in Early Modern Europe.
2019Book: CompleteA study of the emotional experience of exclusion at the heart of the religious life of persecuted and exiled individuals and communities in early modern Europe.Flipbook, text-searchable PDF

Taylor & Francis open access
THOMSON, Andrew.Church Courts and the People in Seventeenth-Century England2022Book: CompleteA survey of three dioceses across the course of the seventeenth century, covering such issues as attendance at court, completion of business and the scale of guilt to test the performance of the courts.

This study challenges orthodox perceptions of excommunication, penance and juries, contextualising ecclesiastical justice within major societal issues of the times.
University College of London Press
TODD, Margot (editor).Reformation to Revolution: Politics and Religion in Early Modern England.1995Book: PartialAn introduction to the historiographical debates about politics and religion in early modern England.Google Books preview
TYACKE, Nicholas (editor).England's Long Reformation: 1500-18002003Book: PartialChallenges the notion that the Reformation was purely a 16th-century phenomenon and takes a broader look at "the making of a Protestant nation" over three centuries.Google Books Preview
WALSHAM, Alexandra.Church Papists: Catholicism, conformity and confessional polemic in early modern England.1999Book: Partial"Church papists" were Catholics who, unlike recusants, conformed outwardly to the requirement to attend Church of England services. The focus on recusants led to the neglect of this sizeable number of Elizabethans, whose role and relevance is demonstrated in this seminal work.Google Books preview
WALSHAM, Alexandra, Bronwyn Wallace, Ceri Law, Brian Cummings (editors).Memory and the English Reformation.2020Book: Partial"Examining dissident as well as official versions , this richly illustrated, interdisciplinary collection traces how memory of the religious revolution evolved in the two centuries following the Henrician schism, and how the Reformation embedded itself in the early modern cultural imagination."Google Books preview
WATSON, Jackie, and Simon Smith (editors).Senses in early modern England, 1558–1660.2020Book: CompleteThe essays in this work offer "a picture of early modern thought in which sensory encounters are unstable, suggesting ways in which the senses are influenced by the contexts in which they are experienced: at night, in states of sexual excitement, or even when melancholic. The book looks at the works of art themselves and considers the significance of the senses for early modern subjects attending a play, regarding a painting, and reading a printed volume."Flipbook, text-searchable PDF

Manchester University Press

Knowledge Unlatched
WHITTLE, Jane, et al.The Material Culture of Wills, England 1540-1790.2023-External linkA four-year Leverhulme-funded project to "transcribe, index and analyse the contents of a very large sample of 25,000 English wills from the Prerogative Court of Canterbury".Website
WRIGHTSON, Keith E.Early Modern England: Politics, Religion, and Society under the Tudors and Stuarts.2009Online courseAn introduction to the development of English society between the late fifteenth and the early eighteenth centuries. Topics covered include the changing social structure, gender roles, economic development, religious change, the Tudor and Stuart monarchies, witchcraft and education, literacy and print culture; crime and the law; poverty and social welfare; the changing structures and dynamics of political participation and the emergence of parliamentary government.Open Yale Courses
YAMAMOTO, Koji (editor).Stereotypes and stereotyping in early modern England.2022Book: CompleteThis book "explores practices of stereotyping as contested processes", adducing case studies from the period to show "how stereotypes and their mobilisation shaped various negotiations of power, in spheres of life such as politics, religion, everyday life and knowledge production". Flipbook, text-searchable PDF

University of Tokyo and Vanderbilt University
YAMAMOTO-WILSON, John R.Catholic literature and the rise of Anglicanism.2022 (2002)Book: CompleteProtestant editions of Catholic literature during the early modern period.Flipbook, text-searchable PDF
YAMAMOTO-WILSON, John R.Early modern period.Video playlistVideos covering various aspects of the literature and history of early modern England.YouTube
YAMAMOTO-WILSON, John R.Pain, pleasure and perversity: discourses of suffering in seventeenth-century England.2013Book: PartialAn in-depth study of early modern attitudes towards suffering, with particular emphasis on the differences in perception between Catholics and Protestants.Google Books preview
YAMAMOTO-WILSON, John R. Reformation of the Church in 16th-century England.2021VideoAn overview of the English Reformation.YouTube


Open-access databases of relevance to the study of the early modern period in Europe in general, and in England in particular.


Arkyves.A database of some 900,000 images, texts and other materials from a range of libraries and museums.
Broadside Ballads OnlineA Bodleian Libraries resource, featuring the Bodleian's digital collections of ballads, with links to the English Broadside Ballad Archive and to the folk song scholarship of the Roud Broadside Index.
Cantus: A Database for Latin Ecclesiastical Chant.Contains transcriptions and metadata for thousands of chant manuscripts from the 9th to 16th centuries.
Catalogue of English Literary Manuscripts 1450–1700 (CELM).Originally created and hosted by King's College, London, this resource is now hosted by the Folger, It contains detailed entries on over 37,000 literary manuscripts from major British authors of the 16th-17th centuries.
Corpus Query Processor (CQP).A University of Lancaster initiative. Users can analyse the EEBO corpus according to genre, etc. The Corpus of English Dialogues, the Lancaster Newsbooks Corpus (incomplete) and the Shakespeare First Folio are also included here.
Database of Early English Playbooks (DEEP)Basically a detailed catalogue compiled from ESTC, EEBO and other sources.
Digital Quaker Collection (DQC).A plain text searchable database of 17th- and 18th-century Quaker texts.
Early English Books Online Text Creation Partnership (EEBO TCP).University of Michigan portal for the Text Creation Partnership database of a plain text corpus of over 50,000 books printed in England prior to 1700.
Early Modern Crime and the LawResources and materials related to crime in early modern Britain.
Early Modern Crime Bibliography.A comprehensive list of research into crime in Britain during the early modern period.
Early Modern Letters Online (EMLO).Created by the Cultures of Knowledge Project, funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, and maintained by the Bodleian Libraries, funded by the Packard Humanities Institute. EMLO is a combined finding aid and editorial interface for basic descriptions of early modern correspondence.
English Handwriting Online 1500-1700This Cambridge University online course is an essential resource for anyone working with manuscript material.
English Short-Title Catalogue (ESTC).CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE
The British Library was targeted by a cyber-attack and the catalogue is offline until further notice.
Hap Hazard.A manuscript resource for Spencer studies.
Hooke's BooksA database of all the books known to have been in Robert Hooke's personal library, with a searchable transcription of the Bibliotheca Hookiana.
London Lives.A fully searchable edition of 240,000 manuscripts from 1690-1800, giving access to 3.35 million names.
Lost Plays Database.Draws on the Stationers' Register, Henslowe's Diary, legal records, narrative and dramatic sources, etc., to piece together information about plays known to have existed but no longer extant.
Mapping the Scottish Reformation (MSR).A digital prosopography of the Scottish clergy between 1560 and 1689 that allows users to explore and visualize clerical careers during this essential period in Scottish history. Built with data from manuscripts held at National Records of Scotland (NRS).
Medieval and Early Modern Science and Medicine: Websites/Databases.A useful set of links for students of the early modern period.
Medici Archive Project.An extensive database of materials related to the Medici.
Medieval Music & Arts Foundation.A comprehensive resource on early music, including databases of composers, works, and recordings.
Perseus Digital Library.The main value of this site for early modernists is its repository of Greek and Latin texts, but it also has material in other languages.
Perseus Word Study Tool.A branch of the main Perseus project. This is an invaluable guide to Greek and Latin words (and also Arabic and Old Norse), with full explanations of inflected forms, copious examples, etc.
Post-Reformation Digital Library (PRDL).An extensive database of digital books relating to the development of theology and philosophy during the Reformation and Post-Reformation/Early Modern Era in Europe.
Power of Petitioning in Seventeenth-Century England.Over 2,500 early modern petitions drawn from seven key collections of petitions held at national and local archives, giving new insights into the social and political changes of the time.
Private Libraries in Renaissance England (PLRE).An ongoing Folger project, giving an indispensable insight into patterns of early modern book ownership.
Records of Early English Drama (REED). A University of Toronto international project establishing the broader context of medieval and early modern theatre to 1642 through historical documents containing evidence of drama, secular music, and other forms of entertainment and ceremony.
Renaissance Dance.European dance from the 15th to early 17th centuries.
Society for Renaissance Studies.A list of online databases for early modernists.
Spencer's Letters.Transcripts of diplomatic and other papers relating to Spencer’s years in Ireland.
Vaughan Williams Memorial Library.The library and archive of the English Folk Dance and Song Society. Essentially a detailed catalogue, though some of the material has been digitised. The original materials are publicly available at the library itself (Cecil Sharp House, 2 Regent's Park Road, London).
Web Gallery of Art.Originally a Renaissance project, this site has expanded into a virtual museum and searchable database of European fine arts, decorative arts and architecture from the 3rd to 19th centuries.